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  1. hi,

    i try to use a HB_FUNC of c:\MiniGUI\SAMPLES\Advanced\FileMan\FileMan.prg


    HB_FUNC ( SHOWFILEPROPERTIES ){   SHELLEXECUTEINFO ShExecInfo;   ShExecInfo.cbSize       = sizeof(SHELLEXECUTEINFO);   ShExecInfo.fMask        = SEE_MASK_INVOKEIDLIST;   ShExecInfo.hwnd         = GetActiveWindow();   ShExecInfo.lpVerb       = "properties";   ShExecInfo.lpFile       = hb_parc(1);   ShExecInfo.lpParameters = "";   ShExecInfo.lpDirectory  = NULL;   ShExecInfo.nShow        = SW_SHOW;   ShExecInfo.hInstApp     = NULL;   ShellExecuteEx(&ShExecInfo);}
    Result fail with HMG.CH while it work with "MiniGUI.CH" :o
    there seems me nothing special... so what can make the Difference :idea:

    Statistics: Posted by AUGE_OHR — Mon Feb 17, 2020 3:21 am

  2. Hi RPC.
    Recently, I worked on something similar, except that I needed to be able to set 27 checkboxes for each record. I didn't want to do 27 fields for each record, so I was looking for a solution to "encode" them in one field. Since I don't expect more checkboxes than 32, I used a 32-bit number to encode their state, which I then encoded into a binary string. And so to encode 32 checkboxes, a string of 4 characters is enough.

    My sample:To edit checkboxes just press Enter or doubleclick on ">> Show <<" fields.


    Statistics: Posted by edk — Sat Feb 15, 2020 4:39 pm

  3. I had revised the above code and added the two new clauses:
    to a standard Grid control in MiniguiEx. 8-)

    The updated program code and a result's screen are below: :arrow:
    that looks fine, THX

    i have try to compile your HB_FUNC( ListViewApproximateViewRect ) with HMG include mgdefs.h.
    it give me some Error... about Reference... :(

    Question : can i use those HB_FUNC with HMG :?:

    Statistics: Posted by AUGE_OHR — Sat Feb 15, 2020 11:14 am

  4. hi,

    hb_RegDb is a small Tool to store Registry Hacks.
    it does NOT change any Value... but User can do it.
    it will open RegEdit.EXE "at that Point" which you choose in Browse

    HBREG.DBF will be create at 1st Start and include some Sample.

    Statistics: Posted by AUGE_OHR — Sat Feb 15, 2020 10:59 am

  5. hi,

    when have a large Cell and use ALLOWEDIT it will go "outside" Browse



    FUNCTION _BrowseEdit  ...   ElseIf ControlType == 'C'CellData := RTRIM ( CellData )DEFINE TEXTBOX Control_1FONTNAME BFNFONTSIZE BFSROW 0COL 0WIDTH This.CellWidth
    the last Row will do the Effect so i recommend to enhance it


    WIDTH MIN(This.CellWidth, This.Window.Width)
    as i know width of WC_EDIT is independent from "Buffer" Size so "@S" is "include"


    other Solution :


    If ControlType == 'M' .or, ( ControlType == 'C' .and. This.CellWidth > This.Window.Width )
    "This.Window.Width" is just a dummy. i guess _HMG_SYSDATA have it.
    so who can tell me how to get "This.Window.Width" :idea:

    Statistics: Posted by AUGE_OHR — Sat Feb 15, 2020 6:05 am